The history of our Company dates back to 2006.

Since 2010 we have been operating on Polish and European markets as



Despite the fact that we are a relatively young company

we are developing dynamically ? gaining experience and continuously broadening competencies, offering a wide range of the highest quality services. Our main scope of activities is focused in the field of industrial construction, energy sector and chemical industry. We are characterized by professionalism of the offered solutions and individual approach to each Client, which distinguishes us from the competitors.

Technical Services Company TECH-EXPORT Limited

has its registered office in Płock, the Polish region which concentrates refinery and petrochemical industry. Thanks to that strategic neighbourhood, aiming at the fullest use of the specific nature of industrial and demographic potential of our region, we are able to offer services of a qualified staff, to a large extent front-line workers and foremen, who often already at the stage of learning at vocational schools or high schools worked as trainees within the installation of PKN ORLEN S.A. ? the largest refinery in Central-Eastern Europe.

Within 3 years of operation we employed over 1000 employees

In the most dynamic period, i.e. in spring and summer 2012 in Poland and abroad we had over 200 professionals working for Us and our Contractors. The average annual employment in P.U.T. TECH-EXPORT Limited is over than 100 people. We continuously expand our offer for candidates, offering new, attractive and adequate to qualifications workplaces, including: European and Polish power plants, refineries, heat and power stations and other industrial building sites.

5 year- employees


in 2016 - employees

Our personnel on supervision positions conducts their own work with the use of full executive documentation

All the employees have long-term experience in working in Poland and abroad, supported by different licenses i.e. crane rigger, forklifts operation, overhead crane, cutting with a burner, crane licenses, trainings in closed rooms, works at heights, rights for first aid, valid certificates VCA/SCC. On the current basis, they are under supervision and control of our Company, both in terms of quantity and the quality of performed work. Thanks to that, we successfully perform the entrusted tasks in Poland and abroad.